Corporate Wellness Program

Wellness Training

A wide variety of customized training courses are offered to serve the specific needs of our corporate clients. The training would be in the format of seminars/workshops to be conducted during lunch-hours, in or after office hours with the duration from 1.5 hour to half day, with the objective of enhancing employee’s competencies in addressing emotional or psychological issues they encounter in their daily work or personal lives.

Training services are generally classified as below :

Promoting self-understanding & personal growth

Stress Management

Enhance Communication Skills at Workplace

Building up a positive & healthy family

Body, mind & spirits related

Corporate Services

Under the corporate wellness program, employees and their immediate family members of our corporate clients can access to individual counseling services to address any emotional distresses arisen from personal, marital/ family or work related issues.

Coaching service can be offered to individual employees to facilitate career planning, job transition or any other work life balance issues​.

Value-added individual consultation to Human Resources or Management Staff would be provided to address any major corporate initiatives such as company restructure or business-process re-engineering, enabling them with skills/tools to manage and lead the change process.

Group-based ad-hoc Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) services will be offered to help our corporate clients cope with any emergency or traumatic incidents.