Relationship/ Couple Counselling

Being in a positive and loving relationship can enhance our well-being and make us feel happy and fulfilled.

Yet, there exist a lot of challenges to attain satisfying and sustainable relationship throughout our life journey​​.

For singles, there may be times when you are experiencing recurring bumpy and unstable relationships that make you feel frustrated and emotionally distressed with self doubts.

For those with steady lovers and start contemplating marriages, you may have ambivalences whether the relationship will be enduring and uncertain about how to fit-in the new roles of husband & wife.

Married couples may come across communication problems and conflicts in facing numerous daily routines and major life events. With unresolved feelings and repetitive hurts, certain negative interaction cycle may be formed.

You may feel unsafe and fearful of sharing your genuine feelings and needs to your spouse. While one of you is pursuing, the other may withdraw, escape or fight back, escalating the intensity of conflicts, leading to emotional distance and disconnection.

Infidelity is not uncommon issue when the couple is not securely and intimately attached to each other. Discovery of infidelity will bring major attachment injuries and severe damage to the foundation of the relationship. It will be a long journey for the couple to repair the damage and rebuild the connection.

In BMS, we offer counselling service to help couples revisit their emotional interaction patterns, enhance awareness of their unfulfilled needs in the context of the relationship, improve communication skills, reconnect and revitalize the relationship with more secured attachment and intimacy.

Types of Counselling Service :

Counselling is a therapeutic process where inner worries, long term difficulties and on-going issues are disclosed to a fully trained Professional.

- Individual counseling for relationship issues
- Pre-marital counselling
- Couples/marital counselling
- Counselling on co-parenting

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